The Thomas Fette Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc, was established in memory of Thomas Fette who was killed in a tragic car accident which occurred on July, 30 2004 in Ashland ,Virginia.
Thomas was born on September, 14 1983 in Middletown, New Jersey
to Donna and Thomas Fette. He began his education in the Middletown Township Schools where he attended Ocean Avenue Elementary School through the fifth grade. He continue his education at Thorne Middle School completing grades sixth through eighth, moving on to Middletown High School North where he completed grades ninth through twelfth and graduating in 2002. 
Tom was well known for his participation in extra curricular activities which included marching band, and football where he became captain of the team. Tom participated
in track and field and many other activities where he achieved many goals. He was well known in the community for his kindness and always there to help.  He was attending Rutgers University studying to be a doctor.
This Scholarship fund has been established to assist Middletown High School North Students in their college education.